Unrefined cane sugar LIGHT MUSCOVADO “DODO CUKRUS” – 500 g

  • Unrefined cane sugar LIGHT MUSCOVADO “DODO CUKRUS” – 500 g

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    Light Muscovado - Queen of brown sugar. 5 times more nutrients than other types of unrefined brown sugar!!! 

    Country of origin
    Special features
    GMO free
    Without colorings
    No added synthetic scents
    Suitable for vegetarians
    Suitable for vegans
  • ,Dodo sugar Light Muscovado is a soft and moist sugar with very fine light brown crystals, rich in natural molasses (cane syrup), which gives it a sticky texture, special taste and aroma. This sugar is used in confectionery, especially in baking fruit cakes with spices, gingerbread or chocolate cakes, gingerbread, shortbread... It is also perfect for savory dishes and for making sweet and sour sauces, for making creams, glazes and sauces, for salads and soups (even unsweetened) to taste. It caramelizes quickly, making it perfect for caramelizing popcorn, fruits, and vegetables. Of course, it is also suitable for sweetening drinks.
    This product is made from sugarcane juice without the use of any chemicals or additives.

    100 g of product - 424.5 mg of useful substances.