About us

  • The founder and soul of Dodo pasaulis is a man who came from Mauritius and settled in Lithuania. The initial idea was to introduce Lithuanians to a range of high quality unrefined cane sugar produced in Mauritius. We offer as many as 8 types of unrefined brown cane sugar - Demerara, Demerara Cubes, Golden Granulated, Dark Muscovado, Light Muscovado, Golden Caster, sugar with natural antioxidants and low glycaemic index sugar (Low GI). Mauritius, a tiny island in the Indian Ocean off Madagascar, produces as many as 19 types of sugar!
    Why ,,Dodo pasaulis“ (The world of Dodo)? We wanted to remind you about the Dodo, a bird that used to live only in Mauritius but is now extinct. This bird, which existed until the 17th century, was first described in the 16th century by Dutch travellers. The Dodo was large but did not fly, making it an easily accessible prey, and by the 17th century this unique bird was extinct. The University of Oxford (England) and the Dublin History Museum (Ireland) have succeeded in reconstructing a specimen of the dodo from the individual remains of this bird.
    Interestingly, Lewis Carroll also created the character of the Dodo in his novel Alice in Wonderland.
    The dodo is the national symbol of Mauritius and is also depicted in the country's coat of arms.
    Our vision is to offer our customers a wide range of different, exclusive, quality products from different countries.
    We have therefore added other quality products to our range: coffee drinks, coffee and tea capsules from Italy, different types of coffee beans from different countries of origin, a wide range of teas from Sri Lanka, cocoa powder from Spain and West Africa.
    We are constantly looking for new products to complement our range and satisfy the tastes of our loyal customers.