Coffee / Tea / Cocoa

  • Assortment Tarlton green and black tea packed in bags, 6 varieties x 10 pcs, 120g
    Code: AT-2560

    An excellent range of Ceylon black and green teas with a vividly saturated, memorable aroma of exotic fruits. 

    780  VAT incl.
    999  You save 219 
    LAPSANG SOUCHONG - exclusive Chinese black tea with smoky aroma, 100 g
    Code: LST-3194

    The tea has a smoky and woody aroma with hints of sweet ginger, caramel, prunes and pears in the aftertaste. 

    1290  VAT incl.
    785  VAT incl.
    899  You save 114 
    785  VAT incl.
    899  You save 114 
    Kiss For Ever Tarlton Ceylon Green Tea in bags, 25pcs
    Code: KFET-7306

    A great Ceylon green tea with a rich Soursop (Guanabana, Graviola) and strawberry aroma 

    320  VAT incl.
    Dancing Queen Tarlton ceilono žalioji arbata maišeliuose, 25vnt
    Code: DQT-7276

    A fine Ceylon green tea with a bright, rich aroma of blackcurrant, peach and soursop (guanabana, graviola). 

    320  VAT incl.
    Jackfruit Tarlton Ceylon green tea in bags, 25pcs
    Code: JACT-7283

    "Jackfruit (Breadfruit) Ceylon green tea with the original, unique Jackfruit - a breadfruit aroma comparable to a combination of apple, pineapple, mango and banana. Jackfruit, the fruit of the breadfruit tree, is one of the wonders of the East, commonly used in dessert and beyond. It is the national fruit of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. 

    320  VAT incl.
    Mangosteen Tarlton ceylon black tea in bags, 25 pcs
    Code: MANT-7252

    Ceylon black tea with the seductive aroma of mangosteen fruit. Mangosteen was the favorite fruit of the Queen of England, which is why it is called the king of fruits! Mangosteen tastes like peaches, mangoes, pineapples and apricots, but smells like wild raspberries. 

    320  VAT incl.
    Rambutan Tarlton black ceyon tea in bags, 25 pcs
    Code: RAMT-7269

    Ceylon black tea with the alluring aroma of Rambutan fruit. Rambutan is a similar fruit to Litchi. The taste and aroma of rambutan can be compared to blue grapes, but slightly sweeter and more saturated. 

    320  VAT incl.
    Passion Fruit, Tarlton ceylon black tea in bags, 25 pcs
    Code: PFT-7313

    Ceylon black tea with the seductive aroma of Passionflower. Passionflowers are called the safari of passion. When tasting the tea, the unique aroma of the aftertaste entices with pleasant and pleasant emotions. 

    320  VAT incl.
    PUPA - coffee beans - ideal with milk, 1 kg
    Code: PUPI-1000

    This coffee blend is suitable for all preparation methods, but is most ideal for milky coffees. 

    2099  VAT incl.
    2299  You save 200